Bonnyrigg White Eagles Football Club (BWE FC) will be holding trials for their SAP and NPL1 Youth League teams on Sunday 22 October.

Trial Location: 610/618 Elizabeth Dr, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177 – Main Stadium

BWE FC 2018 Expressions of Interest Form (CLICK HERE)

(Sunday 22 October) The following times for each respective age group are:

    Initial Trials (Sunday 22 October)

U9 – 8.30am
U10 – 8.30am
U11 – 10.00am
U12 – 10.00am

NPL1 Youth League (NPL1 YL)
U13 – 11.30am
U14 – 1.00pm
U15 – 2.30pm
U16 – 4.00pm
U18 – 5:30pm

    Additional Trial Dates

SAP – 23/10/2017 (Monday)
U9 – 6.00pm
U10 – 6.00pm
U11 – 7.00pm
U12 – 7.00pm

NPL1 YL – 24/10/2017 (Tuesday)
U15 – 6.00PM
U16 – 7.30pm

NPL1 YL – 25/10/2017 (Wednesday)
U13 – 6.00PM
U14 – 7.30PM

NPL1 YL – 26/10/2017 (Thursday)
U18 – 7.00PM


Conditions of Acceptance: –

Registration fee for 2018 SAP program is $1500.00 inc GST.
Registration fee for 2018 NPL1 YL season is $2400.00 inc GST.

A further $100 induction fee will be added. The induction night will be early Feb 2018 (Player and Parent will receive meal + drink).
A further $150 for a Banquet is Mandatory for at least 1 Parent – (Clubs 50th anniversary).

Either or Both of these payments will occur over two installments: –

  • “Once accepted you need to pay 50% of registration on the day of acceptance”
  • “Balance to be paid on sizing of gear which will be approx.. mid Nov 2017”
  • Club will have on site EFTPOS unit. Will Accept CASH, EFTPOS, VISA, MASTERCARD.
  • During the Induction all players will receive 2018 gear.

During your successful trial and acceptance with the club, you will be issued a club code of conduct, parents need to sign. Failure to sign the Code of Conduct and/or follow any of the club rules, the club will have no option but to terminate player registration.

As we are governed by FNSW:
The trials for both programs must be held on Sunday 22 October; and
Pre-trials in between the season finishing and Sunday 22 October cannot be held.

If your child is interested in trialing for our SAP in the U9 – U12 age groups or your son in the Youth League in the U13 – U18 age groups, please click on the link below to register.

BWE FC 2018 Expressions of Interest Form (CLICK HERE)